North York’s Just Bounce Trampoline Club Athletes Soar at 1st Ontario Cup!

By Jacinda David, Owner, Just Bounce Trampoline

North York’s Just Bounce Trampoline Club Team Athletes kicked off their season this weekend as they attended the 1st Ontario Cup for Trampoline & Tumbling and brought home some amazing results!

“The addition of Time of Flight to the scores has really helped our own athletes score higher and set themselves above the rest of the pack” says Jacinda David, Coach and co-owner of Just Bounce Trampoline Club.  “This means that the athletes are now also given points for how high they are jumping, measured by time spent in the air, in addition to difficulty, form and how close to the center of the trampoline they land.”

These Just Bounce athletes walked away with some heavy hardware and are still wanting more!  This event is used by the Provincial Stream athletes to try and qualify for both Ontario Championships and Eastern Canadian Championships.  4 Just Bounce athletes were aiming to hit a mobility score which would allow them to move up to the National Stream in our sport.  All 4 of those athletes hit their mobility score and will be able to attend 2nd Ontario Cup as National Level athletes!

Laine McCrory, Mariko Nagano and Ty Zukerman Schure will be offered positions on the Team Ontario Tour to British Columbia based on their performances on the Double-Mini Trampoline, while Mariko and Ty are also being offered a spot on the Individual Trampoline for Team Ontario for this event as well.

“At the beginning of the season, we initiated a new team philosophical statement, “We do things the right way because it is the right thing to do.  This team has been living up to this statement all year and the results are showing based on their efforts and their process” says Coach Stephen David.  Coaches Jacinda & Stephen David are extremely proud of their team and are looking forward to a great season. 

Individual Trampoline Results

Melissa Pengelley – Bronze Medal – Level 1 Female Ages 13 & 14

Lior Klein – Silver Medal – Level 1 Female Ages 13 & 14

Ty Zukerman Schure – 6th Place – Level 4 Men

Zak Levy – 17th Place- Level 4 Men

Evan Rosen –9th Place –  Level 1 13 and over Men

Jackson Parisien – 6th Place – Level 1 13 and over Men

Alex Elbaz –Bronze Medal – Level 3 14 & Under Men

Daniella Rivett – 10th Place – Level 4 Women 15 & Over

Carly Pesses – 4th Place –  Level 4 15 & Over Women

Mariko Nagano – Gold Medal – Level 4 15 & Over Women

Jada Greenbloom – Silver Medal – Level 2 15 & Over Women

Eden Kraft – 6th Pace – Level 3 14 year old Women

Amy Gotkin – Silver Medal – Level 3 15 & Over Women

Aliza Kraft – 4th Place – Level 3 15 7 Over Women

Julia Ma – 5th Place – Level 3 15 & Over Women

Laine McCrory – Silver Medal – Level 5 17th & Over

Double-Mini Trampoline Results

Ty Zukerman Schure – Bronze Medal – Level 4 Men

Laine McCrory – Gold Medal – Level 4 Women

Mariko Nagano – Silver Medal – Level 4 Women

Eden Kraft – Gold Medal – Level 2 Female Ages 13 & 14

Lior Klein – 8th Place – Level 2 Female Ages 13 & 14

Jada Greenbloom – 13th Place – Level 2 15 & Over Women

Victoria Kane – 7th Place – Level 1 12 & Under Women

Melissa Pengelley – 10th Place – Level 1 14 & Over Women

Synchronized Trampoline Results

Eden Kraft & Alex Elbaz – 4th Place – Level 3

Amy Gotkin & Sophie Wax – 8th Place– Level 3

Daniella Rivett & Zack Levy – Bronze Medal – Level 4

Julia Ma & Mariko Nagano – 4th Place – Level 4

Carly Pesses & Ty Zukerman Schure – 5th Place – Level 4

Jacinda and Stephen David, Owners, Just Bounce TrampolineABOUT THE AUTHOR:

Stephen and Jacinda have been working as a successful duo since Just Bounce Trampoline Club opened its doors in 2004.  They love to share the adventure that is trampoline with recreational and competitive athletes alike.  They have coached several athletes to National Championship titles and International medals at Pan American Championships and World Age Group Championships in both Double Mini Trampoline and Individual Trampoline.