Frequently Asked Questions

Absolutely! A trampoline work out burns up to 600 calories per hour!
Participation in trampoline helps increase body awareness and muscular endurance! It is a great workout for the entire body, especially your “core” which are your stomach and back muscles.
To ensure the safety of all participants in our programs, we do require advance notice of a child attending one of our programs if he or she has special needs. If a birthday party guest has special needs, we will provide additional staff (free of charge) to assist during the party.

Those who wish to participate in our Instructional Classes are encouraged to contact our partner organization Reach for the Rainbow for further information at 416-503-0088 ext. 114 or online at

Reach for the Rainbow provides a unique program that allows children with physical and/or developmental disabilities to participate in recreational programs throughout Ontario. They provide training for program staff, consultation with parents and participants and support each child’s experience!

We do have the right to refuse participants with special needs if we do not feel that we can provide them a positive and safe experience. We will exercise this right if we are not properly notified in advance and are unable to provide additional staffing. As a result, registration will only be accepted through Reach for the Rainbow. The more prepared we are, the better the experience for you and your family!

Trampoline as an activity is safe provided that athletes participate in structured classes with certified coaches. Here at Just Bounce Trampoline Club Inc. our staff is continually updating their knowledge of the safest progressions and teaching techniques in order to provide our clients with the lowest possible risk of injury within our fun and safe environment.

For more information visit our Tramploine Safety Section of this web site.

Summer Day Camp Refund Policy
Refunds, less a $10 administration fee, will ONLY be issued upon receipt of a doctor written medical note. Notice in writing must be received by the office prior to the day you wish to receive refund for. Otherwise, a credit may be issued for the camp if we are notified at least 14 days prior to your scheduled camp date.

Instructional Class Refund Policy
14 days notice must be given to withdraw from a class. An administration fee of $10 will be deducted from all refunds. Refunds required for medical purposes will be issued immediately upon receipt of a doctor written medical note minus the $10 administration fee.

Make-up classes may only be issued for our session based weekly classes and After School Program. One (1) missed class per month may be made up and must be used within 30 days of the absence. Make-up classes will not be issued for any other program. Make-up classes can be used during the Pay-As-You-Go Instructional Classes. Make-up classes must be scheduled with the office in advance. If a make-up class is booked and the participant does not attend the make-up will be considered used.
We have a responsibility to ensure all of our athletes are in a safe environment. We expect our athletes’ behaviour to be up to our standards; this includes but is not limited to being respectful to the coach and other athletes, listening to directions, following the gym rules, and no unsolicited or harmful physical contact. If these standards are not being met we have a 3 strike rule. This will come into effect after the coach has talked to the child about their behaviour, let them know how they can correct it and if it is not corrected the following steps will occur:

Step 1: INFORM

The parent’s will be verbally informed by either the coach or supervisor of the specific behaviour and what the coach did to correct it and that it is expected to stop by the next class; the supervisor will be responsible for documenting this in the Notes section of the athlete’s customer file.

Step 2: WARN

If the specific troublesome behaviour continues the parents will be notified a second time in writing, by the office, that if the behaviour continues their child will be asked to leave our programs until it can be corrected; this will again be noted in the customer’s file


If the specific behaviour continues still; a senior staff member will contact the parent’s to let them know that effective immediately their child is no longer welcome at our facility and a refund will be issued as per our standard refund policy ($10 admin fee)