Group Bookings

Ages 4 Years & Up


We provide quality athletic programs for children and adults. We aim to raise self-esteem and teach athletes perseverance and focus while having fun! Just Bounce provides a safe and fun environment both inside the gymnasium and in our party room. A Group Booking at Just Bounce will be a memorable experience for everyone involved!

Group Booking Participant Waiver (age -18)
Group Booking Participant Waiver (age 18+)

*All participants must have a signed waiver to enter the trampoline area.


Located in a 5,000 square foot facility, Just Bounce offers fantastic jumping and viewing environments! Our gymnasium has 8 full-sized Olympic Trampolines as well as a double-mini trampoline and floor warm-up area. Our wonderful viewing gallery is upstairs adjacent to our party room with three large windows overlooking the gymnasium.


  • Trampoline Instruction with Certified Trampoline Coaches (1:8 ratio)
  • Programming catered to the Ontario Physical Education Safety Guidelines
  • 5,000 Square foot facility & 8 Full sized competitive trampolines!


– 1 hour in the gymnasium with certified coach(es)
– Invitations (upon request)

$175 for up to 8 participants – 1 Instructor
$195 for 9-16 participants – 2 Instructors
$215 for 17-24 participants – 3 Instructors


– 1 hour in the gymnasium with certified coach(es)
– 45 minutes in the party room
– Parent supervision required
– You may supply your own food and refreshments
– Invitations (upon request)

$275 for up to 8 participants – 1 Instructor
$295 for 9-16 participants – 2 Instructors
$315 for 17-24 participants – 3 Instructors

All fees subject to HST


Pizza – $16/pizza
Each pizza will feed 6 people
(2 slices/person provided by Boston Pizza)


– Athletic clothing such as T-shirts & shorts or leotards is required.

     –– Shirts should be form-fitting and long enough to be tucked in.

     –– Baggy clothing is unsafe for our sport and not permitted in the gymnasium.

– No jeans, buttons, zippers or hooded sweaters should be worn, as they may damage the trampolines and/or cause injury to the participant.

– Athletes may wear socks or go barefoot.

– No jewelry is allowed to be worn by the participant.

– Long hair must be tied back upon entering the gymnasium.


Participants may take photographs of the party at any time. A non-participating spectator may only enter the gym to take photographs after arranging it with our staff. No one is allowed on the trampolines unless they have participated in warm-up!


Just Bounce welcomes any guests with physical and/or developmental disabilities to participate in our Group Bookings experience. We request notification ahead of time so that we can arrange for appropriate staffing levels. We want to ensure that our Group Bookings are as safe as possible for all participants involved. Thus, we will provide additional certified staff for special needs participants at no additional charge. We do have the right to refuse participants with special needs if we do not feel that we can provide them a positive and safe experience. We will exercise this right if we are not properly notified in advance and are unable to provide additional staffing. As a result, please inform us of any guests with special needs upon registration of your Group Bookings . The more prepared we are, the better the experience for you and your group!


• Space is limited. Ratios based on Safety Standards that ensure each participant has the opportunity to learn effectively within a fun and safe environment.
• Registration may be received in person, by mail, e-mail, fax or through our online registration system.
• Registrations are first come, first served.
• $25 fee for all returned cheques.
• Memberships are non-transferable and may not be shared. The participant that is registered is the only one who may enter the class. No exceptions. Just Bounce reserves the right to cancel and refund the unused portion of the registration fee at any time.
• Just Bounce reserves the right to cancel programs if there is insufficient enrollment in a program.
• Programs may be cancelled due to weather conditions or unforeseen circumstances.
• All athletes must participate in warm-up if they wish to take part in the rest of the class.
• No food or gum – Water bottles are permitted!
• Participants are to wait in the lobby until their coach calls them into the gym at the start of their program.
• Only registered participants allowed in the gym. Friends and parents may watch from the viewing area.