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Your Fitness Adventure!

Just Bounce strives to offer exceptional programming for all participants! All programs (including birthday parties) take place under the supervision of our certified trampoline coaches in a 1:8 ratio. Kinder-Bounce programs have a 1:6 Instructor ratio.

Our certified coaching staff offers a safe and fun experience for all participants! All participants take part in a thorough warm-up and stretch, and are made aware of the gym rules before taking part in programs. Trampoline skills are taught in a logical and safe order in accordance with the Just Bounce level system. Please click on a link to learn more!

Instructional Classes Pay As Your Go Instructional Classes
Ninja Zone Classes After School Program
PA Day & Holiday Camps Summer Camps
Skills Camps Birthday Parties
Group Bookings Kids Night Out!
Field Trips Competitive Teams

Athlete Behaviour Policy

We have a responsibility to ensure all of our athletes are in a safe environment. We expect our athletes’ behaviour to be up to our standards; this includes but is not limited to being respectful to the coach and other athletes, listening to directions, following the gym rules, and no unsolicited or harmful physical contact. If these standards are not being met we have a 3 strike rule. This will come into effect after the coach has talked to the child about their behaviour, let them know how they can correct it and if it is not corrected the following steps will occur:

Step 1: INFORM

The parent’s will be verbally informed by either the coach or supervisor of the specific behaviour and what the coach did to correct it and that it is expected to stop by the next class; the supervisor will be responsible for documenting this in the Notes section of the athlete’s customer file.

Step 2: WARN

If the specific troublesome behaviour continues the parents will be notified a second time in writing, by the office, that if the behaviour continues their child will be asked to leave our programs until it can be corrected; this will again be noted in the customer’s file


If the specific behaviour continues still; a senior staff member will contact the parent’s to let them know that effective immediately their child is no longer welcome at our facility and a refund will be issued as per our standard refund policy ($10 admin fee)