Just Bounce Merchandise is available for purchase at the office or online when you register for activities! (Fees not including HST)

Just Bounce Trampoline Shoes

Tote Bag


Just Bounce Stainless Steel Water Bottle

Stainless Steel Water Bottle


Just Bounce Toque

Just Bounce Toque


Just Bounce T Shirts

Just Bounce T-Shirts

$14.99 ea

Just Bounce Trampoline Shoes

Ninja Headband


Just Bounce Trampoline Shoes

Ninja T-Shirt


Just Bounce & Springfree

Jacinda and Stephen are now able to recommend Springfree Trampolines as the safest choice for a backyard trampoline on the market. When you are not in the gym, get your exercise on your very own Springfree trampoline. There is a natural fit between the two. Springfree is committed to helping children and families live healthy, active lifestyles.

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